Parks & Art

Mount Vernon Triangle has high quality, well-landscaped and tree lined streets with inviting outdoor seating. The new K Street Streetscape acts as a main street for the neighborhood, and the 5th & K Street Plaza is the “town center” of activity and community events. MVT has five National Park Service pocket parks and one DC park that are used for relaxation, eating lunch, walking dogs, and play. In the past few years, more than 80 new trees and hundreds of spring blooming bulbs have been planted in the community, thanks in part to grants from Casey Trees and from our active residential communities. Mount Vernon Triangle is also committed to encouraging public art in both temporary and permanent installations.

The MVT CID recently announced that the DC Office of Planning (OP) has selected our neighborhood as one of three Washington, DC locations for a Playable Art DC installation. The Mount Vernon Triangle site will be located along a section of K Street streetscape near 5th and K Streets, NW. The Playable Art DC team is conducting design workshops with neighbors of all ages and OP will soon release a call for designers. Playable Art DC promotes the use of art as a means of creating new types of play spaces in areas that are constrained by space, topography, or other barriers. The search requirement was for unique locations and other unexpected places with the underlying belief that play and art should be everywhere.

Mount Vernon Triangle currently has five permanent works of public art and one temporary mural installation within the community:

airshaft muralinspiration sculpturearia sculture

lift off sculptureMural by Ever

Color the K temporary mural by Rose Jaffe

Top row, l-r:
The Airshaft Mural (1988) by Val Lewton - 3rd and H Streets, NW
Inspiration (2009) by Ethan Kerber - City Vista at 5th and K Streets, NW
Aria (2012) by Rodney Carroll - Eye Street between 3rd and 4th Streets, NW at Madrigal Lofts

Second row, l-r:
Lift Off (2009) by David Black - Plaza at 5th and K Streets, NW
Mural (2013) by Ever - Capital View Hostel, 301 Eye Street, NW

Bottom row:
K Street Mural/Color the K (2014 - temporary) by Rose Jaffe - 5th & K Streets, NW