BID Tax Payment

Non-exempt property owners in the MVT CID are sent a real property tax bill for the MVT CID tax twice a year. The first half of the year payment is due on October 1st and the second half of the year payment is due on April 1st. The MVT CID tax rates are below:

$0.35 per square foot of vacant land; or
$0.15 per square foot of commercial space; or
$120 per residential unit; or
$90 per hotel room

The tax bill calculation is based upon the land area records maintained by the DC Office of Tax and Revenue.

MVT CID Tax Payment Instructions

The DC Office of Tax and Revenue is responsible for processing your Mount Vernon Triangle tax and transferring funds to the Community Improvement District (CID). While the CID is not directly involved in the processing of your taxes, we want to assist you to ensure that your interaction with the Office of Tax and Revenue goes as smoothly as possible.


Use the Business Improvement District Tax eCheck online payment system.
The tax webpage is:
Search the Real Property Assessment Database website by entering your square and lot or your address.
Further Instructions are provided in the Business Improvement Tax Online Bill Payment Option document on the second page of this link.


Note “MVT CID Tax” followed by your square and lot on each check. Example, “MVT CID Tax BD00 0515_ 1234”
Include the original tax bill coupon with your payment.
Make your check payable to the DC Treasurer.
Mail your payment to:

DC Office of Tax and Revenue
Real Property Tax Administration
P.O. Box 98095
Washington, DC 20090-8095


Pay your bill in person at any DC branch of Wells Fargo Bank.
Note “MVT CID Tax, Square and Lot” on each check, for example, “MVT CID Tax  BD00 0515_ 1234”.


Do not combine BID tax payments for multiple properties on one check
Do not combine BID tax with Real Property Tax payments on the same check
Do not pay your BID tax by credit card
Do not pay your BID tax through your lender or title company
Do not pay your BID tax bill in person at the Office of Tax & Revenue

As of January 1st, 2016, the Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR) has changed its BID tax processing system, which will impact condo owners in three ways:

1.         A change in the due dates will appear on the bills. All bills will now have due dates of March 31st and September 15th for 2016 and each subsequent year.

2.         OTR will be responsible for mailing each bill to property owners. Bills will be mailed three to five weeks before the due date.

Contact the Mount Vernon Triangle Community Improvement District by emailing Jerome Raymond, Real Estate and Planning Manager, at or by calling 202.216.0511 ext. 302.

You can also view your balance for the BID tax at the DC Office of Tax and Revenue website at: